Discipleship Groups


  We believe that when Jesus said ‘Go and make disciples of all nations’ (Matt 28:19) that he was serious! He’s the one who, as the risen Lord of the universe, has been given ALL authority – so CU is on about making Disciples of Jesus who will make more Disciples of Jesus.

  • We call our Small groups – Teams in Training, or TNTs, they are groups of three to five (or more) people that aim to support one another and the wider community through prayer, fellowship, Bible reading and training. TNTs give the opportunity to actively pray for each other and unbelieving students at university, as well as equip us to spread the gospel with our peers.
  • TNT’s work through a 3-year cycle of great material that trains us to be God’s hands and feet on campus. Here’s an overview of the material…
    – Yr 1 Sem 1: Sharing my faith
    – Yr 1 Sem 2: Apologetics
    – Yr 2 Sem 1: Reading the Bible with someone
    – Yr 2 Sem 2: Lifestyle evangelism, methodology and culture
    – Yr 3 Sem 1: How to disciple someone
    – Yr 3 Sem 2: How to write an evangelical talk
  • We’ll be forming and kicking off our groups in week 5 of Semester 1 (straight after the easter break!). The aim is to have everyone in CU meeting in groups, praying for and discipling one another.  If you’d like to join a group please let us know when you are free to meet by filling out the following form…Sign up