The Tues Bible Talks…

  • Tuesdays at 5:00pm, in the Circular Lecture Theatre, with food and fellowship.
  • Talk podcast available.

Come along to the centre-point of all CU activity. Our meetings run from 5:00pm – 6:00pm. Feel free to come and hang a from 4:30pm and we have dinner together at 6:00pm.

Universities are places of the free exchange of ideas and the stables of personal growth. The CU hosts the Tuesday Talks as our flagship public meeting each week of university term time for those purposes. As the name suggests, these public meetings centre around the opportunity to hear a relevant and engaging Bible talk followed by discussion. It is also a great place to get answers to your questions about Christianity or to meet other Christians on campus.

Whilst aimed at university students, everyone is welcome so as to challenge and encourage Christians within CU and present the good news of Jesus Christ to our entire campus.

There are also short courses for Christians to train in many areas of Christian ministry, and courses for those who just wish to find out more about Christianity. Every week the Christian gospel is clearly explained, so The Tuesday Talks are for every student at the University, Christian or not, you are invited and welcome.

How to get there

Maps, transport and parking information can be found on the La Trobe Bendigo website. If you would like a lift or help getting there, please contact us.