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Staff Team 2022

Steve Blyth

Staff Team Leader

M: 0407 436 596 | E:

Steve has worked as the AFES Staff Team leader at La Trobe University in Bendigo since 2013. In that role he works with the Christian Union (a student club on campus) as an evangelist and Bible teacher. His aim is to help university students see and understand the greatness of Jesus revealed to us in the Bible.

Steve is married to Laura and they have four children together. On his days off, Steve loves to build things out of wood, renovate his home, hang out with his kids and drink good coffee.

Steve Blyth

Ryan Smith

Senior Staff

M: 0428 360 858 | E:

Ryan joined the Bendigo Christian Union on staff in 2017. Student ministry has a special place in his heart, playing a prominent role in his own journey and growth as a Christian. He was involved with AFES student groups in both Canberra and Wagga Wagga [where he studied Engineering, and then a bit of teaching and a bit of Science (Mathematics)]. 

Ryan grew up in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains in NSW (Tumut) but has been in Bendigo since 2013. He moved to Bendigo to be involved with planting Reforming Church, where he also works part-time as the Teams & Training coordinator and serves as an Elder.

Ryan enjoys many things like sport, music, board games, films, photography and telling people about Jesus. Ryan doesn’t enjoy things like writing bios about himself for websites! 🙂

Ryan Smith

Sarah Lias

Ministry Apprentice

M: 0478 828 643 | E:

Sarah joined the Christian Union as a student in 2017. She studied a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and became a ministry apprentice in 2020. Sarah is married to Rhys and together they are moving to Echuca in early 2022. Rhys will be working as a teacher at the local Christian school and Sarah is hoping to work in Social Media & Communications with another Christian organisation.

Sarah and Rhys both enjoy languages, amphibians and puns! In fact, Rhys will be teaching Italian this year and Sarah enjoys creating pun-themed teaching materials for his students. While Rhys enjoys working with primary school aged children, Sarah loves to work with young adults (18 – 25 years of age). She has spent the past two years meeting with the women on campus to read the Bible with them and she designs some of the digital art you may see on this website or the Bendigo Christian Union Facebook and Instagram pages.

Rhys & Sarah Lias

Cat Tuckwell

Senior Staff

M: 0479 126 872 | E:

Cat is currently at Bible College in Sydney. She moves to Bendigo to start work with the Christian Union in Semester 2 2022. After high school, Cat moved to Wagga to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a vet. While she was at university, she became a Christian. This was after a friend encouraged her to check out Jesus for herself. Cat worked as a vet in Gippsland for a while, but now she is excited to move to Bendigo to help students at La Trobe check out Jesus for themselves, too.

In her spare time Cat loves reading good books (while drinking tea), playing board games with friends and watching the cricket. She’s also keen to bring her Chocolate Labrador, Fudge, down to Bendigo to find some good walking trails and some other furry friends.

Cat Tuckwell