Kick Off Camp 2009

What a great way to kick off the year! Bendigo students will be meeting with others from regional Victoria to explore what the Bible says about Holiness. 3-5 April: Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

The camp was a great success: the Bible was faithfully explained, hearts and minds were transformed and the Bendigo crew eventually found the camp site! If you would like to hear Scott Warner’s talks again or you missed out on the weekend, you can find them here.

Listen to Talk 1: Our Desperate Need for Holiness

  1. God made us to be like him and with him
    • He made us to be like him
    • He made us to be with him (in relationship)
  2. But because we rebelled against God – we are not like him or with him
    • We are not like him
    • We are not with him
  3. God still wants us to be like him and with him
    • God provided holiness for us
    • God produces holiness in us
  4. God’s goal will be experienced in its fullness at the end

Listen to Talk 2: Our Pursuit of Holiness

  1. God’s calling and will
  2. Saved BY God FROM sin FOR works
  3. Putting off the old and putting on the new
  4. Six important things about holiness
    • Holiness is motivated by the past and the future
    • Holiness adorns the gospel
    • Holiness is hard work!
    • There is help for holiness!
      • Promise
      • Holy Spirit
      • Word
      • Fellowship
      • Discipline
    • Holiness is happiness
    • Holiness is all of life

Listen to Talk 3: Holiness Battle Zones

  1. Holiness and serving
  2. Holiness and drinking
  3. Holiness and wealth
  4. Holiness and sex