Summit 2012

Summit is a unique learning experience using five different teaching modes: night talks on the Trinity; discussion groups on the character of God; seminars investigating the activity of God; manuscript discovery groups focusing on one key passage (John 14-16) and elective workshops. Uni and TAFE students from Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong will be there and you are bound to make new friends.

  • Topic: The Doctrine of God.
  • Date: 11am Monday 2nd to 2pm Friday 6th July 2012.
  • Venue: Adekate Lodge, Creswick (map).
  • Fun Night Theme: Cops and Robbers.


Can you know God? (Russ Grinter)

God the Father (part 1) (Dave Martin)

God the Father (part 2) (Dave Martin)

God the Son (Dave Martin)

God the Holy Spirit (part 1) (Russ Grinter)

God the Holy Spirit (part 2) (Russ Grinter)

Do you desire God? (Russ Grinter)