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We are a group of Christian students at La Trobe University in Bendigo; dedicated to seeing Christians Stand firm and grow in their faith reaching out to the rest of the university with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But you don’t have to be a Christian to come along, we want everyone to have the opportunity to find out about Jesus.

As well as special events, we have regular meetings. Our main meeting is the The Bible Talks.


O’Week 2017


Welcome to all students commencing study at La Trobe Bendigo in 20167! Christian Union is holding events throughout this week and we’re keen to meet students, new and returning. Look out for us around campus.

Monday 20th Feb. Prayer and Prep brunch at Uni. Room 2.25 Eng Building (Chaplaincy rm). RSVP here

Tuesday 21st Feb. Come and meet us at the Market Day stall and get a bag of CU goodies!

Wednesday – Friday. We’ll be hanging round the SU, just chatting and playing games, so come and say g’day. From 11-1.

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Current Talk Series

The two disciples heard him say this and they followed Jesus. Jesus turned and saw them following and said to them, “What are you seeking?”
John 1:37-38

How would you answer Jesus’ question –  “What are you seeking?”

It’s a question so piercing that it really is hard to answer? What are you seeking? What is it that you really want?  Some of us are seeking money, a career and wealth but perhaps that’s because what we really want is security. Some seek for friendships, relationships, a good reputation but perhaps that’s because we really desire to belong. Some will go to huge and dangerous lengths to get what they think will give them happiness, but does it truly satisfy?

The disciples in this passage answer Jesus’ question in a funny way. Instead of saying ‘what’ they are seeking for they answer by saying ‘who’ they are seeking for. In other words, they’re not seeking something, they’re seeking someone – someone who can truly satisfy. They’re looking for the Messiah – the King who loves and saves.

What are you seeking at Uni this year? Stop for a moment and ponder that question.

Will good grades, that relationship, more money, those experiences – truly satisfy? Will they last?  In a world of searching Jesus says ‘Follow me’ (John 1:43). ‘Follow Me’ he says because he has come to give us what we truly need, what we truly long for – Jesus gives us what we need as he gives up his own life.

Please join us this semester at ‘The Bible Talks’ as we hear God’s word to us from John’s Gospel. The Bible Talks are for both Christians and those interested in finding out about Christianity. We’d love for you to join us.  5pm CLT Tuesdays.


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