RETHINK Week 2017

Christian Union is holding events throughout Week 8 to meet new students and proclaim the great news of Jesus on campus

As you can see from the pic above we’ll be in the SU for lots of the week!  Come and say g’day it’ll be great to meet you!

If you’re keen for the Trivia night – Please RSVP on this Facebook link. 

Turn the world upside-down!

These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also… saying that there is another king, Jesus.
Acts 17:6-7

In Acts 17:1-10, while on his second missionary journey, the apostle Paul and his companions established the church in Thessalonica in just 3 weeks by unashamedly preaching the Gospel – that Jesus is the true and only King.  This gospel message had such a radical effect on all who believed it that it was said they turned the world upside down!

This Semester we will be hearing God’s word to the Thessalonians. Paul’s letter to this young Christian church is designed to help them stay on the right track as Christians and as they do to show them how they too can change the world around them as they trust in Jesus as their King.

It is my prayer that as we do these studies we, like the Thessalonians, will be in awe of the amazing hope we have in Jesus. I pray that we would be people who live with Jesus as our true and only king, and that we would be people whose changed lives and gospel words have a ripple effect that changes our uni for Christ.

Whether you’ve been a Christian for a long time or if you’re just checking out who Jesus is, please join us this semester at ‘The Bible Talks’.  We’d love to have you there!

5pm CLT Tuesdays.


CU News…

Hi Everyone! 
    I hope you had a great Holiday break! Just letting you know that all things CU are starting back in Oweek and then we’ll be kicking off main meetings in Week 1. If you’re new to uni we’d love to meet you at Market day (Tues Feb 21) or during lunchtimes in the SU. All O’week details here!

 1) The Tuesday Bible Talks  – 5:00pm in the CLT    

  Our main public meetings are held on Tuesdays in the Circular Lecture Theatre.
 Here’s the rundown…
       5:00-6:00 Main meeting with Bible Talk,Q&A time, workshop groups.            
       6:00 $5 Dinner!    
      After Dinner – Hang out if you’re keen!    
  This semester we’ll be hearing God’s word about His Son in the book of John and seeing how Jesus gives us what we’re truly searching for in life. Jesus is the one who gives us grace, forgiveness, hope and so much more. We’d love for all to come along and be a part of learning more about Jesus and how he might be the answer to what you’re searching for. Please do invite your friends along! 

2) CU Discipleship Groups – During the Week
   We are a group that is really keen to have good and supportive discipleship groups at Uni where we read the Bible together and pray for each other, our friends and our uni. We will be starting theses groups in week 2 so please get in touch if you’re keen your join one!

     In Him, Steve

CU Summer Series 2015

CU will be kicking off early this year with some Summer BBQ’s at my place on Wednesday nights in February. Here’s all the details…

  • What: CU Summer Series – a chance to reconnect, eat food, have fun, hear from God’s Word and pray for the year ahead.
  • When: Wednesdays 4th, 11th and 18th of February. 7-9pm.
  • Why: Well, I just love hanging out with you all, but also it’d be great to hit the ground running this year as we join AFES in their nationwide Uncover mission. Check out the video here…
  • Who: CU summer series is for all CU’ers and for any new Christian’s starting this year. Invite your friends, they’ll love it!
  • How: It’d be great if you could let me know if you’re coming so we get enough food for dinner!

You could email or text me, or alternatively we’ve made this a Facebook event so you can let us know there too!

– Steve