Blokes with Bibles 2010 Camp-aign

Urgent Draft for all men, your brothers need you!

Dear Sir, This letter is to inform you of a series of important events that are a matter of national security. Jesus Christ, our King, has been crucified by men and yet he victoriously rose to new life. I have to tell you now, that henceforth a state of war has been declared against the spiritual forces of evil. As a man you have been drafted into special service of the King.

Insertion: 1730hrs, Friday 27th August
Embark: Edwards Rd Car Park of La Trobe Bendigo
Drop-zone: Classified
Extraction: 1700hrs, Sunday 29th August
Cost: $50

Upon receipt and instruction of this invitation you are ordered to make your way to the Edwards Rd. car park of the Bendigo Campus (La Trobe University) at 1800hrs, on August 27th 2010. From there your newly formed unit will be shipped out to the undisclosed drop-zone for a weekend tour-of-duty.

The equipment that you are required to bring for this special operation includes:

  • Primary Weapon: Bible
  • Pen
  • Rugged, very warm, clothing
  • Sleeping gear for outdoors (e.g. tent, swag etc.)
  • Torch
  • Eating gear: water bottle, drinking mug, plate, knife and fork
  • 2 pairs of boots/rugged footwear (one to wear whilst the other is drying)
  • Toughness

When the mission is accomplished the Brigade will be extracted for a rendezvous back at the Edwards Rd. car park of Bendigo Campus at 1700hrs on August 29th.

You may have heard it said that those made of the right stuff are ‘natural-born leaders’. Make no mistake, this camp-aign teaches and equips men for something better. Sign up to serve shoulder to shoulder with the best of the best, and learn together in the trenches what being ‘born-again leaders’ means for this our band of brothers.

By command of the C.U. War Cabinet


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