Old Saints

Sitting down over lunch with older Christians brings shared enjoyment and some perspective. We have never been through a war to end all wars, yet war is all around. We pride ourselves in knowing how to shuffle songs, yet we wouldn’t know how to make our own butter. Whilst the good old days seem remembered with sepia carefree memories the reality is our grandparent’s generation lived through troubling times and that is still real for us. One day we will sit with young punks and talk about those days back in the twenty teens. There is nothing new under the sun, just talking to some old saints shows us that.

I wonder though, will we be ready in a short time when we turn ninety to provide the same perspective, and share good news for any generation. This week at the Gospel Gathering we start our short series in Ecclesiastes. One for the new saints to remember our Creator in these days (Ecc 12:1).