C.U Weekly (W)rap- week 5

T-Dogg & B-Fizzle in da house!!!

This one goes out to all those God peeps in the Big Go (Bendigo)

“There was no wrap last week as you seen

So this is a rap to keep you’s super keen”

“We’ve come to the end of week number 5

And the CU’s goin off like a flippin beehive”

“Had some bible students come from the big smoke

Laughing at Russ, his clothes, what a joke!

“He acted all hard but was deep down hurt

Came dressed the next day in a plain t-shirt”

“Those city slickers weren’t all that bad

Brought teaching that makes those God haters mad”

“The Chav King declared, ‘the CU is ROLLID’

We have to admit, his theology is solid”

 “The scribes would say, they’re the greatest team of all

We are CU, we’re always on the ball.

We play the game as it should be played

At home or far away!! (oh sorry, got carried away… Go Cats!)

 “Vanity of vanities, Solomon might say

The price of life is your death… You’ll pay”

“A sermon so powerful bringing tears to the eyes

But we pulled ourselves together for Terry’s meat pies”

“Come along next week to hear Grand Master Hans

Expounding the bible, serenading God’s fans

Lighting up unconvention, a new CU invention

It’s clearly our intention to promote God’s intervention.”



“At the end of week 5 as we AMEN

We’re asking God if he… could play it again” (Thanks Taylor!)

Peace out!