Weekly Wrap 2

The Bendigo C.U has continues its blessed start to the year, recording their first ever hat-trick of 40+ attendees.

Over the first three weeks of the C.U season, the only recognized Christian group on campus has recorded an average of 44.3 people each for the first three weeks of Gospel Gatherings. At this stage however, staff are perplexed as to the origin of the extra one-third of a person. There has been speculation that the freakish height of James Cunning has led to him being counted as more than one full human. Another possible outcome is that several of the women folk have not been tall enough to register as full people, resulting in skewed numbers. However, the official statement from the leadership team is that it is merely a result of not being able to derive a whole number when you divide the total attendance by three meetings. We’ll let you read what you will into this.

In other news the C.U (short for Christian Union, because we love abbreviating things) have finally kicked into 5th gear with our people work on campus. The one-to-one ministry has already reached the levels of previous years, seeing students reading the bible almost constantly through the week. The gospel groups are becoming a real hit, as well as the bleary eyed prayer meetings that are known as ‘C.U Devoted,’ meeting Monday to Thursday at 8am. FOCUS began this week with Luke Denness showing off his varied people-prowess, forming a group  that already has 3 nationalities represented. At this point the journalists here at the Weekly Wrap would like to apologise to president Rhys Thorbun for a quote appearing in last week’s report. Thorburn reportedly stated that he was looking forward to joining the international bible study group because of his Welsh heritage, but in fact this quote was taken slightly out of context, for the writer’s own agenda. When asked to comment on his alleged comments, Rhys commented the following. “While I don’t appreciate being quoted out of context, I cannot totally blame the writers for including this quote in last week’s Wrap. This quote was actually taken from a book that I wrote during my years as a Potato Farmer in sunny Wales, entitled ‘The Diary of a Fisherman’s Son.” This book is currently out of print, but we wish Thorburn all the best in his future Art’s Degree endeavors.

The lovelier gender of the C.U crew are having their first social night this week, on Friday 16th March. ‘Di’s tie-dyeing tie-die Thai night’ is an event open to all females involved with the C.U, both regulars and visitors. It is purely a relaxed social night to meet people and make new friends, eating Thai food and Tie-dyeing various pieces of clothing, not necessarily Ties. Ring Aimee G for deets.

Come along next Wednesday for a continuation of Rusty’s preaching on Ecclesiastes, to learn about the vanity of vanities. As much as he tried not to, Russ still couldn’t escape the usual quirks of a C.U sermon (See weekly wrap one for a list of these weekly occurrences.) At this stage we will be meeting in the student Union floor (named after inventor of Iced Coffee, Professor Albert Student Union) at 6pm.

In His Majesty’s Service,